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-- Dr. J the Counselor

Dr. Fredrick Jacobs  

Founder & Chief Executive Officer  Celebrity’s Soul Food and Dr. J, The Counselor CEO  

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Dr. Fredrick Jacobs  Founder & Chief Executive Officer  Celebrity’s Soul Food and Dr. J, The Counselor CEO  Dr. Fredrick Jacobs is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dr. J the Counselor and the Celebrity’s Soul Food brand, which is the “Fastest growing and largest Soul Food chain in America”. Celebrity’s Soul Food which is a quality casual restaurant concept that specializes in soul food that is prepared fresh daily, utilizes high-quality ingredients, and is spotlighted with exceptional hospitality. The various menu features local flavors and caters to a diverse crowd, including meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans. As the first national soul food chain, the company plans to expand its

presence in the U.S. Corporate offices are located in Beverly Hills, CA, and Ocala, FL. Celebrity

CEO Dr. Jacobs and his wife, Taja Jacobs, spearhead the company, which leans heavily into

offering high-quality food and service. In addition to being an entrepreneur maestro, radio

and tv host, Dr. Jacobs is a celebrity chef. He was raised with an appreciation for food and

traveled the world, learning from some of the best chefs. He leveraged those impactful

experiences to serve up great-tasting food to a range of audiences. Dr. Jacobs and his

team have offered executive catering services to notable celebrities, such as Steve

Harvey, Kirk Franklin, Fantasia, SWV, Stoney Jackson, Monica, Warren G, Flex Alexander,

Shanice Wilson, Ashanti, and more. Dr. Jacobs is also the Chief Executive Officer of

Dr. J The Counselor which houses his entertainment platform. He is a talented and

versatile individual with extensive experience as a national radio and television

personality. He is the host of the “Dr. J the Counselor,” Show which is a national Podcast

that airs on music legend Stevie Wonder’s Los Angeles-based station, KJLH 102.3 website.

Through this Podcast show, Dr. J briefs, teaches, and counsels his listeners on various essential

topics and aspects of relationships. In the Spring of 2021, he is scheduled to release his premier

book, “Do I Want to Stay Married?” which focuses on spiritual marriage and lends support to troubled marriages and relationships. Dr. Fredrick Jacobs holds a number of degrees, including a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, a Master’s in Counseling, and two Doctorate degrees in Theology and Counseling. He is also a pastor. 

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