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Welcome, we have solution sessions to fit your needs, including Premarital Counseling session and a (1 day premarital retreat option), a Marriage Rescue (intensive session), Blended Families, Family Trauma and other special services as requested.

You know your situation better than anyone else. But you're actually the one LEAST LIKELY to see how to resolve it. It's not that you're not smart or insightful; you're simply TOO CLOSE to see your relationship clearly. Like an elderly person trying to read fine print, the secret is getting distance. In the case of your marriage, "distance" comes from working with a 3rd party professional.

Whatever circumstances you’re dealing with, I’ve seen it a hundred times before. Your marriage is not something to tinker with as you try to figure out how to put the pieces of your relationship back together. You may not get another chance. You’d be wise to get sound counsel based on EXPERIENCE…based on WHAT WORKS.

When it comes to saving a marriage, when people act based on their instincts, things usually get worse, not better. It’s not that what you’re doing doesn’t make sense. It’s that marital situations are not logical; they’re psychological! And unless you understand the psycho-dynamics of broken marital relationships, you’ll dig yourself deeper and deeper into a marital mess. I can tell you the outcome of certain decisions before you even make them. Stop guessing. Let me give you clear instructions for resolving your situation that’s based on hundreds of cases just like yours.

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